s Field Vibration Analysis

Field Vibration Analysis

Let Us Bring Our Vibration Solutions to Your Site

Compression Dynamics Consulting has over 30 years of experience with dynamic equipment vibration analysis. Field vibration analyses typically involve several days on-site to collect  vibration, pulsation, and performance data. Data collection is completed using accelerometer, velocity, and transducer probes at critical points of interest to accurately assess process vibration. Vibration and pulsation data will then be compiled into its spectral harmonic frequencies using National Instruments Data Acquisition System. With this information, excessive process vibration can be analyzed for root causes.

Although the foundation, skid, piping system, piping supports, pulsation suppression devices, compressors, drivers, and pumps are all areas examined during a field analysis, most vibration problems require more comprehensive analysis to sufficiently correct vibration problems of an asset.  Acoustic, mechanical, and torsional analysis are commonly recommended as a result of the field vibration analysis. 

At Compression Dynamics Consulting, we incorporate safety in everything we do.  Rest assured your on site visit will be completed with all required safety equipment and documentation.   Find us on ISNetworld, contractor #400-208587.