Torsional Analysis

Smooth compression is incorporated early in the design stages. Compression Dynamics will work with your designers to ensure acceptable vibration and extend reliability.

This study estimates the transient and steady state of torsional harmonics.  Torsional vibrations are angular vibrations of an object, typically a shaft, along its axis of rotation.  This vibration can occur during the start-up of a compressor system.  This transient event can be a significant issue with new systems.  The torsional analysis includes all operating and upset conditions.  Several applications requiring this analysis include reciprocating gas compressors, screw compressors, plunger & centrifugal pumps, centrifugal compressors and engines. 

Although it is common there is no indication of a torsional resonance until a shaft fatigue failure.  High gear noise, accelerated gear noise, gear tooth failures, damaged couplings, key deformation, slippage of coupling hubs, motor winding loosening, auxiliary equipment are just a few of the symptoms of high torsional stresses.  Compression Dynamics will analyze rotating equipment using Holzer to calculate torsional frequencies and ARMD to calculate forced response stresses and recommend the right coupler and flywheel combination for your application.