Management Team

Our Engineering Management Team

Chris Miller, P.E.

Chris graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Business Management.  He worked for Georgia Pacific for three years in which he was involved with project approval, process design, procurement, installation, start up, maintenance/operations turnover managing, and capital and expense projects.  While there, he established Finite Element Analysis simulation for all required equipment in an engineering department of 20+ people. 

From there, Chris went to work for an Engineering and Consulting Services, Inc. (ECSI) for two years.  While there, he analyzed 80+ natural gas compression systems for API 618 pulsation, recommended pulsation bottle sizing and internal design, as well as orifice plate and piping modifications. Analysis was routinely completed on compressor systems that encompassed 12+ compressors for vibration, pulsation, and natural frequency harmonics.  He also provided engineering support for vibration analysis, field modifications, and component design relative to natural gas compression.  He designed and fabricated several pulsation bottles for dampening, and drafted technical reports for all analysis completed.  Chris is also AutoDesk Inventor FEA Simulation certified. 

When Chris is not at the office or out in the field he enjoys spending time at the lake, riding his 2 horses, and traveling. 


Roger Allen

Roger graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Thermodynamics.  He was employed at ConocoPhillips for over 38 years.  During his time there he was a project engineer for ten years, a senior consultant for seven years, a principal consultant for eight years, and a senior principal consultant for ten years.  Roger prepared specifications, purchasing, engineering, commissioning, start up, and trouble shooting of 73 centrifugal compression units, 47 reciprocating compression units, 9 rotary screw compression units, 105 gas turbines, and hundreds of centrifugal pumps.  He also purchased five centrifugal compression units with discharge pressure over 3000 psig with one at 5800 psig. 

Roger was the principal technical advisor for six years while at ConocoPhillips/Dresser Rand preferred Supplier agreement in which 39 compression units were completed.  He was awarded the 3rd level certification in vibration analysis from the Vibration Institute in 1993.  He served and participated in API-617 and API-671 national code committees for a number of years.  Roger was also the technical advisor for the industrial Membership that ConocoPhillips participated in with Texas A&M University, Turbo machinery Consortium.  He analyzed 100+ compressor and gas turbine rotor lateral critical speeds and rotor response to various excitations.  He also analyzed 50+ centrifugal compressor, reciprocating compressor, and centrifugal pump trains rotor systems for torsional critical speeds.  Roger has extensive experience in mechanical equipment failure analysis and engineered solutions, and computer modeling of compressor and gas turbine performance characteristics in which he performed 100+ field performance tests of centrifugal compressors and gas turbines. 

From ConocoPhillips, Roger went on to work for Engineering and Consulting Services, Inc. for three years.  During his time there he supervised four mechanical engineers analyzing natural gas compression systems for API-618 pulsation and piping mechanical frequencies.  He provided vibration data collection and engineering analysis, field modifications and component design relative to natural gas compression units.  Roger also commissioned six GE Frame 9 gas turbine driven refrigeration compression units for the COP/Shell partnership with Qatar Gas for the LNG Trains 6 and 7.  He witnessed the overhaul, failure analysis, and retesting of two Solar Saturn and one Taurus gas turbines.  He provided QA/AC and witnessed the full load testing of a Solar Saturn gas turbine driven generating unit to be installed in Canada.  Roger went on to follow and inspect two centrifugal compressor overhauls for a major refinery, and performed failure analysis on two reciprocating compressors with major damage including crankshaft cracks. 

In his spare time, Roger enjoys riding his motorcycle, farming, and spending time with his 3 children.